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At The Umbrella Affect, we believe that your online presence should be as strong as your brick and mortar location. That is why we partner with professional service companies in a highly competitive market to provide a digital marketing edge over their competition. 
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What is The Umbrella Affect?

It is the local and targeted digital marketing process taken upon your website that will result in a higher online presence, website activity, and customers coming to your physical location – all of which will drive more leads, visits, and sales.

At Umbrella our clients receive full coverage when it comes to Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Ads, and Customer Experience. We understand that in highly competitive and fast paced industries there are hundreds of competitors online that are attracting your potential customers.

What are Local Search Engine Optimization and Digital Ad Services?

Local SEO and Digital Ads, or PPC (pay per click), is the process of optimizing your website through on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and various geographically targeted digital ad (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads) strategies and actions with the ultimate goal of bringing your potential customers to your website that are within your operating region. 

Potential clients in your area are searching for you on Google but, does your business appear? 

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

At Umbrella, we optimize your website to not only drive traffic, but we also optimize your website to attract clients’ that are in your geographic region. From a local insurance brokerage to a regional real estate agency, we have you covered.

“78% of location-oriented searches resulted in an offline conversion”

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Person typing on-page SEO content for website on Macbook

On Page Search Engine Optimization Services

As the name suggests, On Page SEO refers to strategies and actions taken on the website with the goal of increasing your keyword rankings, user experience, and conversions. 

Our On Page Services include: 

  • Keyword research, analysis, and implementation 
  • Content research and optimization
  • Title and headline optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • And more

Off Page Search Engine Optimization Services

These SEO services refer to the actions taken outside of your website, with the ultimate goal of bringing users to your web pages from other trusted and relevant sources.

Our Off Page Services include: 

  • Directory implementation
  • Backlink strategy and execution
  • Disavow implementation and backlink analysis 
  • And more
Skyscrapers being captured from the ground on a cloudy day
Technical SEO code on monitor.

Technical Search Engine Optimization Services

Technical SEO is like speaking to the algorithms in their own language. By implementing these actions, Google, and other Search Engines will be able to determine your overall rank accordingly.

Our Technical SEO Services include: 

  • Mobile specifications
  • Pagespeed optimization
  • Structured data
  • SSL encryption
  • And More 

Digital Ad Services

Digital Ad or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services refers to paid ads across various Search Engines and Social Platforms. 

Our Digital Ad Services Include: 

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads 
  • LinkedIn Ads 
  • Cross-Platform strategy and execution
  • And More
Desk view of person developing Facebook Ads and other SEM services.

Coverage Tiers

We understand that each business and industry is different and that is why we provide you with the option of choosing a plan that best suits the needs of your business.




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Client Results

  • On Page, Off Page, & Technical SEO

    A 110.59% increase in average CTR for all ranking keywords in 3 months.

  • Local SEO

    300% quarter-over-quarter increase in organic sessions on a website using Local SEO strategies and tactics.

  • On Page, Off Page, & Technical SEO

    A 43.84% year-over-year decrease in average organic keyword position on Google SERP.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Generating 95 conversions through Google Ads in approximately 4 months, with a CTR of 12.96% and a conversion rate of 14.82%

  • SEO Software Integration

    Successful management and onboarding of over 250 SEO clients in North America.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Increasing Google Ad conversions by 137% in comparison to the previous year, while reducing the cost/conversion by 58.14% and increasing the total CTR by 17.28%


Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website through on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies and actions with the ultimate goal of bringing your potential customers to your website that are within your operating region. Unlike National SEO, Local SEO focuses on attracting potential customers that are within your geographic location.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing your websites visibility, traffic, and leads through organic search results on various search engines (i.e. Google). 

SEM or Search Engine Marketing or Digital Ad Services, is the process of using paid strategies to increase traffic to your website and/or physical location. For instance, Google Ads. 

Note: SEM is a short term strategy to increase the chances of appearing well on various search engines and Social Media Platforms. SEO is a long term strategy that enables you to consistently increase your organic position and overall traffic volume and quality.

As mentioned above, SEM is a short term strategy and SEO is a long term strategy. Therefore, depending on your business needs, it is recommended to take a “two-pronged approach” where your organization can increase website traffic through paid ads in the short term, while developing a clearly defined and data-driven SEO implementation that will increase the chances of appearing high on organic search results in the long term.

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